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December 28 2014

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Esther is so photogenic. I love her.

She looks ridiculously warm with all that fluff

She looks like a Queen out for a winter walk. 

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Special Agent Dale Cooper in Episode 2.01 of Twin Peaks

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can we talk about Legolas in the back tho

I feel like I need to rewatch the entire series just focusing on Legolas.  




It’s worth it.

The best part of this post is Orlando Bloom literally had no idea what was going on 95% of the time. He said in an interview once that no one ever told him anything and he just stood in the back ground making faces.

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filing this under gif sets that make me want to stab myself with a fork

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Sebastian Stan + Smile (during public appearances in 2014)

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Some of Phil’s tweets which I loved the most.

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John’s like 'I bet it's not as fuckable as yours'

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December 27 2014

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Who’s the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?

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Llamas!! (Monthy Python`s Flying Circus)
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